BICCU Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union

About Us

BICCU is a co-operative that provides the highest level of financial services in a professional and friendly manner to encourage thrift, savings and the wise use of credit.

The BICCU Vision and Mission:

Our Mission is to be regarded as the country’s leading members-owned financial services organization and we aim to be their primary financial resource; offering friendly, quality, leading-edge services dedicated to helping members achieve their financial independence.

We are partners to our members’ financial freedom. This is both our motto and our daily practice. We empower our members to control and manage their financial well-being by providing a variety of sound, innovative products and services to improve their quality of life.

Among its products BICCU counts a range of savings plans, including an Asue, Certificate of Deposits, KIDDS Club for youths 16 and younger, Christmas, Vacation and Education Clubs.

The Credit Union boasts online facilities that offer convenience but also assist members in exercising good money management practices and monitoring. The credit union’s proudest innovation in this regard is BICCU’s Internet Teller, which can be easily accessed at This online facility offers ease and convenience for its valuable members, permitting them to view their accounts and conduct financial transactions.

Our website features mortgage and payment calculators and our convenient bill paying facility. For members using this service, BICCU will submit payment for monthly bills to ANY vendor indicated. It saves time for members and there is no waiting in line.

BICCU also offers a Visa Debit Card that allows our members to shop locally and abroad and to access their funds at ATM’s in the Bahamas and anywhere in the world!

As the cost of health care and health insurance is usually high in the Bahamas, it often challenges the best laid plans of the wider Bahamian community to save and achieve financial stability. As the well-being of our members is our prime motivation, BICCU offers a major Medical, Dental and Vision group insurance where virtually every member can be in our group. The benefits are many. There is no deductible on the medical coverage, $15,000 Life Insurance, 100% Coverage on Air and Ground Ambulance, and a card that is widely accepted in The Bahamas and the United States. The good news is that this excellent insurance plan is now available to the general public, as just one part of what we’re doing to demonstrate our commitment to community building.

BICCU offers a wide spectrum of loans that address a significant part of the financial challenges most people experience. These include mortgage loans for everything from undeveloped land to single family dwellings all the way to multi-family investment. Also available are auto loans, personal loans and a range of credit products including debt consolidation.

The outlook for the Bahama Islands Co-Operative Credit Union into the future? A continuing commitment to providing the highest level of financial services to members and non-members in a professional and friendly manner to encourage thrift, savings and the wise use of credit. We will continue to innovate in products and services consistent with the needs and aspirations of those who depend upon us, meeting or exceeding expectations. BICCU is ‘open’ and always ready to welcome new members from virtually every walk of life – both government and private sectors.

Our Core Values:

*       – Commitment to Service
*       – Demonstrate care and concern for all
*       – Create inroads to financial freedom
*       – Improve the quality of life for the shareholder
*       – Be ever-changing and dynamic


Our name, Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union Limited, reflects the proud history of our organization. First known as ‘Paradise Island Resort & Casino Co-operative Credit Union Limited’ in 1986, then as Bahama Islands Resorts & Casinos Co-operative Credit Union Limited in 2007 and now BICCU since August 2014, we were established to address certain needs among employees of the Paradise Island Resort (now superseded by the mega vacation complex Atlantis. Casino workers who at the time did not have medical and pension benefits were the initial driving force behind establishing an organization that could provide medical, pension and other financial benefits for them and their colleagues. Founding members included Eugene Cooper, Anthony Balfour (deceased), Bruce Delancy, Trevor Grant (Deceased), Wendy Quant, Linda Symonette and Michael Munroe. We changed our name in 2007 to reflect a purpose that had expanded to embrace and serve the needs of many others, particularly employees of Family Island resorts and casinos. In 2009, BICCU made a transition to offer its services to not just all casino and resort employees but to their immediate family member as well. The most recent change to our license resulted from the wishes of our member at the 28th AGM – the approval for the regulatory authority to expand our license came in August 2014. We excitedly welcome the families of the Bahamas from virtually every industry – government and the private sector! We are actively involved in our community by the donations we make annually to various civic groups. BICCU is also the sponsoring credit union for the Queen’s College School Junior Co-operative which has been serving the student population of Queens College since 1997. Students at QC operate their own junior cooperative including voting for their Board of Directors, collecting deposits and organizing fund raisers. Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union (BICCU) is a member owned financial institution that is focused on service to its members and is committed to being innovative as we constantly look for more ways to meet the needs and demands of our members. The most recent name change reflects an organization that is made stronger by diversification and one that is evolving to service and benefit the families of all industries in the Bahamas.